I will edit photo retouch in photoshop

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“Thank you for visiting my gig page.
This is Fastest And Quick Responsiveness adobe PHOTOSHOP editing service.
my ultimate goal is give you fast and professional Photo shop editing service.”
Services Offered:
Advance Skin Retouching
Body Reshaping
Whiten teeth
Weight Reduction
Enhance Makeups, eye lashes, eye shadows
Turn Black and White to Color
Face,Head,Body Manipulation(Swapping)
Remove dark spot under eyes
Remove Background
Edit Product Images
Change Color, Color Correction
Add white Background
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I will edit 5 photos of you or your product in Adobe Photoshop

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In this Gig I will edit two images for $5
I have expertise in creating professional web designs,logos,creative graphics and other web visuals that make a lasting impression.
Photo Editing is my passion. I have been editing photos since last 5 years using Adobe Photoshop.
I create awesome family photos that you can hang in your room or keep on shelves or create life size poster from them..
I have quality experience with the following :
– Image editing
– Resizing
– Retouching
– Removing scars or blemishes
– Image manipulation
– High quality curve adjustment
– Level adjustment
– Color balance
– Face Retouching
– Level 1 and 2 adjustments
– Noise reduction
– Vivid light removal
– Red eye removal
– Exposure
– Lens distortion correction
– Cropping
– Straightening
– Background removal
– Product remove background
– Custom drop shadows
– Or any other image editing with using adobe photoshop
Thank you very much. Awaiting for your message 🙂
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